What do we offer to solar developers that a landscaper wouldn't?

Our farms produce lamb, fiber, cheese and other agricultural products. We are producing solar grazed lamb, a unique product that comes from dual location, dual land use. Landscaping firms do not produce food when they mow. 

Why are sheep farmers excited about solar grazing?

Sheep farmers are excited to participate in our organization.  

  • most sheep farmers operate on very thin margins and additional income helps support agribusiness in your area

  • when sheep graze solar sites they improve their own health by grazing fresh pastures that offer plenty of shade and protection from the elements

  • sheep farmers are happy to support renewable development and be part of the team

Do the solar panels need to be higher because of the sheep?

Not usually. Modern ground mounted arrays tend not to need much adjustment but we do recommend 30" between the ground and the bottom of the first row of modules.  This is not for the sheep themselves as they are able to pass beneath the panels, rather for the other farm equipment that is typically employed for solar site maintenance.

Tell me some details- what will my solar site need?

  • additional signage at the gate for your other O&M crews

  • sites are examined the ability to grow good pasture land - good grazing land.  

  • interior temporary low-voltage fences keep the sheep in designated paddocks, and keep the predators out.  

  • sheep have watering stations 

  • sheep do not require additional shelter as the panels act as shelter

  • some sheep flocks have guardian animals, such as donkeys or dogs. 

Are we insured?

Yes.  Our business carries commercial liability coverage for grazing and auto.  For a copy just ask. Additional riders are available, just make the request.

Who watches the sheep when they are out grazing?

Local, experienced sheep farmers.  The sheep will have fencing, water, grass, shade and security.

What happens if the solar farm changes ownership?

Seamless transition. Our grazing contract has a 90 day cancellation clause. Because of our competitive rates we believe most new owners will be interested in transferring the contract.

Can we buy lamb?

Yes. In the spirit of good neighbor and good customer relations we offer discounted lamb to our clients.  Simply let us know at the beginning of the season and we will put you on the list.

Additional Questions?

The US Dept of Energy has a nice Q & A that should answer additional questions you may have. 

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